Your Skin Deserves a Quality Tattoo

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About Bunker Tattoo

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Reschedule or cancellations
If you need to reschedule your appointment due to any reason, just call the shop +31 076-5141890, not by email or whatsapp please. Thanks for your cooperation.

For the last 15 years we strive for perfection in the art of tattooing. By creating the perfect environment for customers and our tattooers. A place for creative exploration and endless possibilities. A place for you to feel at home. An experience with organic food and drinks. And by working with biodegradable products and vegan inks we give our love for a sustainable planet.

What is a quality tattoo?

On a weekly basis we get multiple requests from people all over the country to ‘fix’ a tattoo made at other shops. Most of the time either the quality of the tattoo is really poor or people choose a real bad design that they no longer want to have on their bodies. At Bunker Tattoo we believe a tattoo is not just a decoration on your skin. For those that still think getting tattooed is a trend, think again. It is something that lasts a lifetime, ever seen a trend like that? It’s something that you should be really proud of to be wearing on your skin. Now and in 10 years time. So that makes it quite a decision, one that takes careful consideration and expertise.

We can’t stand bad tattooing, so if you’re looking for a quick, cheap, random, shitty tattoo.. We are not your shop. If you’re looking for a real cool and unique tattoo in proper quality, read on.



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