Your Skin Deserves a Quality Tattoo

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About Bunker Tattoo

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For the last 15 years we strive for perfection in the art of tattooing. By creating the perfect environment for customers and our tattooers. A place for creative exploration and endless possibilities. A place for you to feel at home.

What is a quality tattoo?

On a weekly basis we get multiple requests from people all over the country to ‘fix’ a tattoo made at other shops. Most of the time either the quality of the tattoo is really poor or people choose a real bad design that they no longer want to have on their bodies. At Bunker Tattoo we believe a tattoo is not just a decoration on your skin. For those that still think getting tattooed is a trend, think again. It is something that lasts a lifetime, ever seen a trend like that? It’s something that you should be really proud of to be wearing on your skin. Now and in 10 years time. So that makes it quite a decision, one that takes careful consideration and expertise.

We can’t stand bad tattooing, so if you’re looking for a quick, cheap, random, shitty tattoo.. We are not your shop. If you’re looking for a real cool and unique tattoo in proper quality, read on.



The Power of Choice- Bunker